A non-profit educational organization composed of health professionals committed to improving the health and wellness of men.

Site of the National Fatherhood Initiative ("serving children by encouraging responsible fatherhood").

A good starting point on the Web for information for and about men.

A non-profit educational service of The Menís Resource Network "formed to assist men in finding male positive resources, information, and support."

Popular commercial male portal.

Not-for-profit National Womenís Health Resource Center, a leading "independent health information source for women."

Established to combat the woman-as-victim ideology of radical feminism, seeking to promote women's well being by "advancing the principles of self-reliance, political freedom, economic liberty and personal responsibility."

Seeks alternatives to "extremist ideological feminism and anti-feminist traditionalism, believing in the full participation" of women in every aspect of American life.

Popular commercial female portal.

Offers a stunning series, described as a "triumph of science journalism," a superb educational resource on evolution, humanity's origins and our future.

A superb interactive documentary heralding our evoltuionary journey, together with reviews and resources in the field.

The site of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society with excellent resources provided by an "international society of researchers who use modern evolutionary theory to help discover human nature."

Offers a compelling defense for the teaching of evolution.

AMNH Darwin Pages

A comprehensive look at the work and life of Charles Darwin.

An excellent portal for booklovers.

Comparitive shopping for book prices featuring many new and used book vendors.