"What sort of man should society strive to promote? What forms of masculinity shall we honor?

We might begin with a man who lives in concert with nature, who has the discipline to contain unruly urges and seeks safe vessels for his instinctive compulsions. We encourage the man who approaches women with assurance and treats them with respect. The man worthy of society's acclaim will be conscious of family and devoted to the mate he gains. He will be a source of resolve, resources, and moral example to his children. The responsible man will know his history, grasp his place in society, and draw with pride to his kin and his tribe.

The mature adult male plans for the future, takes an interest in his community, and makes himself aware of the world he is preparing his children to enter. He seeks to understand different points-of-view and builds his opinions with care. He takes on responsibility in his society, registers and votes, and contributes to the community's defense and welfare. Respectful of others, the man we look up to works to bring about a thriving and becalmed culture. Though he stands up for his beliefs, he is opposed to angry discord, seeking consensus and inclusion. Physical aggression is his last resort.

The male who wins our approval is a man of his word. He pursues the brotherhood of other men, accepts the gift of mentoring from those who came before him, and extends the hand of experience to younger males on life's path. The man society celebrates is fair and productive in his labors, energetic and joyful in pursuit of his passions, and forthright in the pleasure he derives from his just accomplishments.

Without apology for the initiatives he takes, the indispensable man is big enough to acknowledge his mistakes. Flexible, open to change, the man who wins his community's respect will be unafraid to confront life's deeper questions. He will rise in time with body, mind, and spirit in balance. He will be interested and interesting, inspired and inspiring."