The concluding chapter extends the book's evolutionary trajectory into the future. It is a frightening scenario of runaway male technologies driving us toward extinction as we make the means of annihilation available to ever more derelict, rebellious and fanatical males. We have reached Darwin's Conundrum: we have gotten so smart we've figured out how to dispose of ourselves. Providing useful prescriptions concerning the book's basic themes, the chapter argues that we rise and evolve not by abandoning nature, but by honoring it. This means understanding where we came from while staying focused on the path ahead. Embracing our natural heritage, the evolutionary perspective is refocused from a useful filter for examining social issues into a guiding individual compass that can help us navigate our personal future, offering solutions for resurrecting responsible masculinity and reconciling male-female tensions.

Fundamentally, honoring our evolutionary heritage means reinforcing the centrality of reproductive issues, exalting the family and women's esteemed place at its core. It means, among other things, society taking action to restore resources for male athletics and re-introducing and respecting male initiation rites. The differences between women and men are not vile legacies to be stamped out or beaten back with legal briefs. They are patterns to encourage and celebrate. Providing the opportunity to integrate theory and practice, readers are introduced to the crucial things they need to know to get the most out of evolutionary thinking in their personal lives as. With nature's intuition as our guide and humanity's glorious ascent as our inspiration, The Disposable Male closes with a call to spirit, and an uplifting vision of the boundless realms of human potential.