In The Disposable Male, Michael Gilbert takes on the important questions in life—who we fall in love with and why, how we feel about sex, marriage, family and career—exposing the deep and fundamental underlying forces that continue to shape the pivotal issues of vital concern to us all. In the early chapters, the author frames an evolutionary perspective for readers with an entertaining, informative, and original look at how we humans got here before deploying this unique and powerful lens in a searching examination of our modern, high-tech world. Bold, irreverent, funny and thought-provoking, The Disposable Male will provide you with fresh and penetrating insights, and valuable tips for dealing with the issues that matter so much in our hectic contemporary lives. It will have you looking at your world in new and exciting ways.
"The Disposable Male is like taking a fascinating journey ... that lays bare the origins of the modern sexual divide, entertaining readers with an original and thought-provoking message for today's men - and the women who live, love and work with them."
Warren Farrell, Ph.D.
Author of The Myth of Male Power
"An important argument... an adroit accomplishment... a very sturdy book, passionately argued with a sense of measure and rich concern."
Lionel Tiger, Ph.D.
Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology, Rutgers University
"Fascinating... engagingly written... and highly accessible. The book's central themes... revolving around issues of male-female sex differences, work, and relationships, are so central to everyone's lives it's hard to imagine anyone not being interested. A very impressive accomplishment."
David M. Buss, Ph.D.
Author of The Evolution of Desire and The Dangerous Passion